Apr. 29th, 2010

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 So HPA has been advocating that I go and get my Amateur Radio License for several years now, and it's been sitting on my todo list since then.  He finally suggested, to a group of us, that he would do a one day class on Saturday and then on Sunday we would head out to take the test.

So this last Saturday we all headed over to HPA's house, and had a long hours of cram session.  It was fun, though we covered a lot of material in one day.  We had Leslie Hawthorn, HPA's wife Suzi, Eric Biederman and myself in the class, and HPA was assisted by Leslie's main squeeze Jack.  Was awesome!

We then did the utterly insane thing, and traveled from the South Bay up to Oakland California and were at the Oakland Fire Department at the wonderful hour of 9am.  Yes you heard me right, 9am which meant that I was up at some ungodly hour and drove up to Oakland, after picking up Leslie, Jack and Eric!  Was a fun carpool up, and then we took tests!

Turns out we all made technician level Hams, I got close on General, but not quite.  Dropped Leslie and Jack off at the Stinking Rose for them to have Jack's birthday lunch, and Eric and I celebrated by snagging lunch at Boudin and going for a long walk from the warf up to the bridge and back (and me hitting my head hard on a tunnel, ouch!)

But it was a fun day all the same, and now I'm officially licensed to HAM it up ;-)


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