Jun. 11th, 2009

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So I'm not nearly as behind as my blog would indicate, I've taken up a bit of twitter (both warthog9 and warty9 over there, the former is private and please don't be offended if I don't let you in to that circle), and I've come to the conclusion on it that's it's really just the 21st century version of a private IRC channel where I can vaguely control who see's what I say. You younguns and your fancy new technogadgetry *waves cane* you ain't done nothing new here, so get off my lawn!

Also, lightly succumbed to Facebook. I at least partially blame Terri for it, and I blame the rest of you hippsters out there practically forcing one to be on it. That said it isn't all horrible, if you know that nothing is private and the more apps you use the more distributed your personal data becomes it is an interesting experiment in social networking. Heck I'll admit to having a serious idea for an app on Facebook right now, spurred on by an idea of Terri's. We'll see if I go insane and actually do it! For as horrible as Facebook is (Discussed here, here, here, here, here to name just a few), it is not *ALL* bad, I was able to connect up with a couple of people I haven't heard from in years and see how they were doing and I now have a semi-decent way of keeping up with them. That said I still fear Facebook, Google, and heck anyone who wants to have access to all of my data. If they have my data, they control it - not me, and losing control of my personal data is not something I want to do personally, which means I'm really not a huge proponent of the 'cloud' as it currently exists.

But the cusp of that, and before I start ranting about how both the general populous, and especially younguns are idiots and give away their personal information without any regard or consideration for it, is that I've been making shorter more timely updates there where people might actually read it (I fully know, understand and accept that no one reads this - and I'm really quite ok with that). I'll consider integrating my public twitter feed here, but that would also mean I would have to change off of my ohhh so high tech blogging software of vim & editing raw files to put my comments up and actually use one of these new fangled things like wordpress. I'm not entirely convinced yet so that pipe dream may not yet come to fruition for all of you who want an RSS feed.

Been working my butt off on a pile of things, from papers for Linux Sysmposium and LinuxCon, getting various work things out the door (archive.kernel.org, working on GSoC w/ BKO, account request systems, and a pile of other things), been traveling a fair amount between Ottawa in February, and now Iowa (longest stay back in Iowa since I moved). Even took my first vacation since I last changed jobs, as Mom had declared "We are going to Disney World!" and we went! I've been working on getting photos up and dealt with, but I personally took 40 some Gigs of photos so you can imagine it's going to take me a while to sift through the over 3000 photos before I get those up. Had Tom & Amanda's wedding, I was the usher, and that was a blast and at the rate I'm going really looking forward to getting past September because I can stop being gone most of the time. I mean it's June, and of the 163 days that have passed this year I've spent 78 of them (to date) away from my semi stupidly expensive apartment. I like travel, but this is much busier than I would normally have expected. So far it looks like it's all worth it, but it's weird being this mobile.

Anyway it's getting late and I should crash. Just wanted to update, let people know I was alive and that I've had idea, after idea, of rantable material to blog about - just never seem to get around around or have the time to do it.


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